The Militaristic State

I read the latest issue of The Progress Report, which reports that neo-conservatives William Kristol, Robert Kagan, and Dan Senor are launching their newest lobbying organization for continuing the policies embraced by the Bush Administration. Curious to learn just what Continue reading →

Jim Hightower’s Take

Jim Hightower is a liberal/progressive/left wing populist, in contrast to the crowd of right wing populists led by Rush Limbaugh. I find his comments refreshingly honest and stop by his website on a regular basis. This short essay is from Continue reading →

Populism Revisited

With apologies to some of my readers – another article by Chris Hedges, who I think is a very perceptive writer. Perhaps the central concern of this blog has been an attempt to understand the political landscape in this country, Continue reading →

The Dreaded ‘S’ Word

Since before President Obama was elected, the word “socialism” has been tossed about with great carelessness. Sarah Palin used it without acknowledging that the State of Alaska is, itself, socialist because it takes from the oil companies and re-distributes income Continue reading →