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Posts from ‘January, 2009’

The Bush Legacy

For several years now, there have been strident calls from the Left to prosecute officials of the Bush administration as war criminals. President-elect Obama has said that if crimes were committed, they need to be investigated but at the same time, he does not want his first term to be one seen as a partisan […]

Intriguing Possibilities

I received an e-mail tonight from Change.Gov that announced the rollout of a new feature on the Change.Gov website. It is called a Citizen’s Briefing Book. Now, I’m not so naive as to believe that comments there are going to go very far, but I think the idea is really intriguing. As it stands right […]

Another Cat Story

In an earlier post about the cats in my life, I wrote that I had a stray who died suddenly. That was Percy, short for Percival, an all white cat who was named by a friend of mine in Minneapolis. He showed up one day, in pretty good shape for a stray, and I took […]

Clouds on the Horizon

I’ve been pre-occupied with some personal issues that I can’t elaborate on at the moment, but perhaps this classic, from The Kingston Trio, will help you understand my lack of activity recently. I’m hopeful that the sun will start shining once again in the near future.

Cat Stories

It’s funny — when I was a boy, I was a dog person and didn’t much care for cats. Moe was a German Shepherd who came into the lives of my brother and I when we were about 12. We both rode our bicycles to a house that had been converted into a cafeteria where […]