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Posts from ‘December, 2008’

The Way of Ignorance

For a number of years, I had read about Wendell Berry, but I had never read anything written by him. That changed earlier this year, when I read an interview of him in The Sun Magazine. I’m not one to underline passages in written material, but I found myself doing just that as I read […]

Stiglitz on Bushonomics

When the financial crisis dramatically worsened in September of this year, there was a great deal of interest in trying to figure out what had happened. Blogs were full of posts that “explained” the crisis, in verbiage that few could understand. As the news continued to get worse, lots of people decided that perhaps the […]


Bill Moyers on Obama

Update December 14, 2008: For those who tried to watch this video and found that when they clicked on the arrow that the message “This video has been removed due to terms of use violation” appeared, please know that the person who posted this to YouTube violated the terms of use policy of the Bill […]