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Posts from ‘November, 2008’

A Day In the Life of Joe the Plumber

I found this piece on the Liberals Like Christ blog. It was originally entitled “A Day in the Life of Joe Average Conservative”, but I’ve changed the title to reflect the times. It was written by John Gray, of Cincinnati, Ohio, in 2004, but his e-mail address is invalid, so I was unable to contact […]

Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Racism in America

I’ve written before about racism on this blog and will continue to do so, though not in an accusatory manner. I try, from time to time, to illuminate the fundamental injustice of racism in America. If you subscribe to the founding myths of America (liberty, justice for all, a nation founded on Christian principles) and […]

A Useful Corrective to Limbaugh-nomics

Adam Smith, the economic God that the right wing worships, did not espouse the ideas that the right wing so often claims when they invoke their tired talking point of the “invisible hand”. Now that Barack Obama has been elected President of the United States, it is useful to look at those arguments once again, […]

How to Talk to a Conservative

Sara Robinson is one of my favorite writers. She wields a very sharp pen and pokes huge holes in the tired talking points of those who have been brainwashed by the likes of Hannity, Limbaugh and O’Reilly. Not that any of them are interested in hearing an alternative viewpoint. But for those progressives (liberals) out […]

A Generational Anthem

In years past, a family tradition was to play Arlo Guthrie’s Alice’s Restaurant Thanksgiving Day Massacre every year at Thanksgiving, much to my younger brother’s dislike. Perhaps that is because the song is only truly appreciated by someone who was “of age” during the late 1960s when the the threat of being drafted into the […]

The Yellow Ribbon Syndrome

One of the many phenomena in contemporary America which puzzle me is the abundance of yellow ribbons that say “Support Our Troops” on vehicles everywhere I go. If anyone has the temerity to state that they support the troops by advocating for their withdrawal, they are often savaged as traitors, liberals, and supporters of terrorism. […]

Is There Hope, After All?

Regular readers of this blog know that another prominent concern of mine has been the inappropriate intrusion of religion into politics and the public arena. Almost two months ago, Katherine Parker, a prominent conservative who writes for The National Review, broke ranks with many conservatives and castigated Sarah Palin in an article entitled “Palin Problem”. […]

The Chauffeur’s Dilemma

One of the themes that drives me to post on this blog is why those who most need help consistently vote for politicians and political parties who hurt them. In the just completed presidential election, large swaths of Appalachia, where severe poverty is endemic, voted for John McCain, one of whose campaign promises was to […]

Understanding the Obama Phenomenon

I found a most interesting essay, by Sara Robinson, that outlines the pre-conditions for a revolution, which could fairly describe the election of Barack Obama. An argument could be made that a presidential election in the United States does not deserve and never will deserve to be called a “revolution”, but that determination is for […]

The Journey Continues

For far too long, I have been terribly cynical about the future of this country. I was absolutely appalled at the tenor of the campaign that John McCain conducted and despaired that sanity and intelligence would ever reappear in political discourse in our country. Now that Barack Obama has been elected, it appears that our […]