A Generational Anthem

In years past, a family tradition was to play Arlo Guthrie’s Alice’s Restaurant Thanksgiving Day Massacre every year at Thanksgiving, much to my younger brother’s dislike. Perhaps that is because the song is only truly appreciated by someone who was Continue reading →

Is There Hope, After All?

Regular readers of this blog know that another prominent concern of mine has been the inappropriate intrusion of religion into politics and the public arena. Almost two months ago, Katherine Parker, a prominent conservative who writes for The National Review, Continue reading →

The Chauffeur’s Dilemma

One of the themes that drives me to post on this blog is why those who most need help consistently vote for politicians and political parties who hurt them. In the just completed presidential election, large swaths of Appalachia, where Continue reading →

The Journey Continues

For far too long, I have been terribly cynical about the future of this country. I was absolutely appalled at the tenor of the campaign that John McCain conducted and despaired that sanity and intelligence would ever reappear in political Continue reading →