Who Is a Socialist?

I’m less than amused (but not surprised) that Sarah Palin is accusing Barack Obama of being a socialist. Here is a direct quote from the esteemed Governor, as recorded by Philip Gourevitch, of The New Yorker magazine: “We’re set up, Continue reading →

The Rockridge Institute

Update, October 9, 2010: The Rockridge Institute archives are no longer available from the links in this post. They are now available from the website of the Cognitive Policy Works, a think tank formed by former fellows of the Rockridge Continue reading →

The Stuck Pig Squeals

I found this piece in the National Review Online today and it is extraordinarily funny to me. If you were to substitute “Republican” or “Bush” for every reference to “Democrat” or “Obama” would you not be describing America six years Continue reading →

Hatred in America

While doing some followup research on Bill Ayers, the subject of the previous post, I found his blog and read some of the posts. What I found most fascinating were the comments. Many were rational and sane and many more Continue reading →

Bill Ayers

I’m a little late with this commentary, but there are so many issues that have been brought forth with the nomination of Sarah Palin as the vice presidential candidate of John McCain that perhaps you will excuse me. As McCain’s Continue reading →