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I make no apologies for drawing a connection between these two videos. Do not focus on who the speakers are. Instead, focus on the behavior of the crowds. Does this not concern you? Now, add in the information gathered by Tom Englehardt in this essay and draw your own conclusions. To quote Derek Curtis Bok: […]

Sarah Palin, Up Close and Personal

If any of you have any doubts about the real Sarah Palin, read this essay by David Talbot, on Salon.com. I am giving you the link because, according to the message at the bottom of the page on the Salon site, “Reproduction of material from any Salon pages without written permission is strictly prohibited.” For […]

The Racial Issue

Several days ago, I stumbled across a pretty definitive display of the racial hatred that infects some people in this country. At the Values Voters Summit, held in Washington, D.C. (hosted by the Family Research Council) this past weekend (September 13-14, 2008), there was a booth selling boxes of pancake mix labeled “Obama Waffles“. While […]

Amy Goodman’s Opinion on the Bail Outs

Wall Street Socialists By Amy Goodman The financial crisis gripping the U.S. has the largest banks and insurance companies begging for massive government bailouts. The banking, investment, finance and insurance industries, long the foes of taxation, now need money from working-class taxpayers to stay alive. Taxpayers should be in the driver’s seat now. Instead, decisions […]

Sarah Palin and the Alaska Independence Party

There has been a lot of gnashing of teeth amongst the progressive alternative media over the issue of Gov. Palin and her association with the Alaska Independence Party. I’d be very curious to know why. Would anyone out there help enlighten me? Is it because secession has a bad name because of the War Between […]

Blog Asheville Voting Now Open

If you like the writing of Blue Ridge Blue Collar Girl, you can vote for her blog at the Blog Asheville web site. There are a whole bunch of categories and I haven’t read many of the blogs, but I have read Blue Ridge Blue Collar Girl’s writing and I think she deserves, at the […]

The Budding American Theocracy

I found a disturbing video on YouTube that should be seen by every thinking person in America, of any religious persuasion: After you view this video, ask yourself: “Will this person govern in a way that will protect my right to worship the God of my choice?” It doesn’t matter what Christian sect you belong […]

The Sex Education Dust-up

For those who are interested in actually reading the Illinois law that Sen. Barack Obama voted for, here is the link to read it. I would like to stress the phrase in the last sentence: “that Obama voted for”. He did not introduce the legislation. It was sponsored (introduced) by Sens. Carol Ronen, M. Maggie […]

The Things You Find on YouTube!

When I posted the YouTube link to “Unchained Melody”, I mentioned the song “Purple People Eater”, by Sheb Wooley. Can you believe that it is also on YouTube?? It is such a ridiculous song that it brings a smile to my face: I hope it brings a smile to your face, too! And, since Alaska […]

Gov. Palin, the NRA, and the Second Amendment

Much attention has been given to Gov. Palin’s membership in the NRA and her use of firearms to hunt with (as opposed to, say, bow-hunting). I’ve never been clear on the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, which states: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right […]