Toucans, Parrots and Pelicans

Mary's Birds
Toucan  Collection of Ann Maree W., Homestead, Florida.  Approximately 8" wide by 12" tall. Parrot Large Parrot  This large parrot, in the collection of Kathryn S., of Homestead, is mounted on a piece of wood about 12" wide by 30" tall. Pelican in Flight  A large pelican in flight, also in the collection of Kathryn S., of Homestead, Florida.  It is mounted on two boards, each about 12" by 24", so the piece measures about 24" by 24".
Pelicans  Collection of Beverly F., Tampa, Florida.  The small pelican plaques on the left and right were made by Tom, while the large pelican in the center was made by Mary.  The small pelican plaque on the right is missing the posts that the pelicans are sitting on - see the other plaque for comparison.  The posts were made out of pieces of lobster traps, so they should be pretty easy to replace. Toucan on Pecky Cypress  Private collection, Homestead, Florida.  Approximately 12" wide by 15" tall.  I find it interesting that the piece has an "mb" button, but that it is also signed with Mary's initials carved into the clay, just above the foot of the toucan on the right side of the piece. Parrot 1  Collection of Donna I., Homestead, Florida Parrot 2  Collection of Donna I., Homestead, Florida.  This piece is almost a mirror image of the previous one in this gallery, but not quite.  The owner is going to have it repaired - the tail is broken.  It was aquired at an estate sale, so keep your eyes open, folks!